The Gratitude Equation

Ta 1

I’m so filled with gratitude that it constantly wants to pop out in the most inappropriate ways! Like trumpeting on my grati-toot when it’s really quiet or dancing around in a grateful spin, pulling as many non-dancing people with me as possible.

My Bhoomie motto has always been that if you’re grateful for the things you have then they will fill you up with more happiness than anything else ever can. You see it all started with the little word gratia which is a Latin term with one very big, grateful meaning. People started to recognise that they already had so many good things in their lives, so why chase after more? And so, gratitude was born…and out of the word came my grati-toot!

Because this trumpet came to be, my thank-yous have been able to grow their wings, helping them fly to anywhere and make everywhere happy. But to make these wings sturdy enough, I had to add some extra oomph to my grati-toot and so I programmed it with the following equation:


It’s official, since my moment of oomph, gratitude has become scientific! Bringing with it lots of studies of gratefulness. Such as Dr. Robert A. Emmons – University of California and Dr. Michael E. McCullough – University of Miami, who concluded that writing about the things you’re grateful for has a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. Not only does it make you feel so happy you could toot, but it also makes you feel like jumping – yes people, gratitude makes you want to exercise too!

So there you have it, saying a few extra thank-yous won’t just change you on the inside, it can have a great impact on your outside too. And if you don’t want to write your gratitude down, how about meditating on it or saying it aloud to yourself as you do little things around the house or whilst driving your car to work?

Whichever technique you prefer, if you start saying thank you more for the things that you have in your life, they’ll become much more valuable than the things you don’t. Give it a little go, after all, there isn’t anything for you to lose, just lots and lots of happiness to gain.

Sending you trumpets of thank-yous!

Ta xxx

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