Buttercup Home is a creative place for individuals and creatives to receive information, network, be supported and celebrated.

Hello and Welcome to the wonderful creative world of Buttercup Home.

This is a space for Creatives like myself to connect , share, come together. I have been building this community over many years now and we are excited about the future and the possibilities. We are also connected overseas with organisations such as Go Inspire Go, Kat eye Studio, Bhoomies, Juliette Crane, a prudent way and hope to connect to more and more international contacts as we grow and develop.

I work with many creative organisations and artists around the globe from Munich, USA to of course my lovely home in the UK. I will be showcasing and revealing all the people I work with and the work they do as individuals too….

I will be posting up useful tips and ways to help your business grow from the grassroot up. There will be lots of opportunities for you to network and become a part of our community here.

I am so Happy you have stopped by to read about the creative happenings here…. please check out my other business homes:



best wishes

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