Living with your authentic self – A workshop with John Siddique

Living with your authentic self – a workshop of discovery with Writer and Author John Siddique

Book your place on this workshop at Buttercup Home with John on This workshop is located in the heart of Hebden Bridge. Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the two days.

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Grab Your Imagination Goggles To Reframe Your View

New-View Bhoomie by Liesel Beukes © 2014


Have you ever found yourself in a moment of self-doubt? A point on your life ladder where you’re not sure of your own abilities, whether you made the right choice to climb that extra step, or whether you even belong on it at all?

I know I sure did! It was the day I had to goggle-up and do my first solo flight over Cloud 9, but in between the doubt I shifted my goggles a little and something iris boggling happened. The angle I was looking through, my view of the things around me (and my place within it), suddenly changed. Next thing I knew, I was presented the Distinguished Flying Leaf award! I’d done it!

Shift Your Goggles

Now, I know it’s hard to move your goggles about when flying and diving at full speed, but there is a way to change the way you look at things without losing too much altitude – it’s called ‘Reframing’.

Reframing is a tool (kind off just like your flight air drill) that can help to change the way we react to some things or in certain situations, especially the ones that bring up negative emotions. It’s an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique that helps us step back from the situation and flip it to something positive, because we’re suddenly able to see it from a different viewpoint.

For example, if you feel that something is a problem, then try to see it as an opportunity for you to learn something instead. There is a reframe lens for almost every situation – you can read more about it here.

Like I always say:

“Sometimes you have to change the scenery inside of your mind and look at things from another perspective to make the puzzle pieces fit”

So, if you feel like your puzzle pieces are hiding under the sofa, causing endless problems with furniture shuffling – then grab your imagination goggles. How about we view it as an opportunity to build a den instead?

See you on Cloud 9 fellow gogglers!

Bhoomie New-View

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Follow Your Heart To Change A Life

Bhoomie of Whispers: All-Ears by Liesel Beukes © 2014

Bhoomie of Whispers: All-Ears by Liesel Beukes © 2014

Calling all hearts and intuitions!

As the Bhoomie of intuition I know all too well how important the music is that spills from your heart and what beautiful things can grow from it if you listen. I believe your inner music flows from your intuition straight into your heart, to tell you when there’s something on your path that you should investigate, clean up or follow.

If you ignore it, you could end up in a tangle on the wrong path – you know, the type of tangle in life that makes your stomach feel all knotted. But if you listen to it, you could find a way to things that you never imagined, things that can change the lives of those around you and sometimes even the life of someone far away. Here’s a Bhoomie friend who did just that, listened and then changed lives:

Nicolé Maurel’s roots lie in a small town in South Africa where she grew up during the last years of Apartheid. Her path changed in 2010 when she listened to her inner music and went to Aberdeen (the South African one) to teach ceramic art to a group of students from the surrounding impoverished townships. It was her goal to pass on skills that they could use to create and sell art, and so become self-reliant. In 2011 she won The Emma Smith Art Scholarship that was used towards funding a beautiful exhibition of her students’ work in a South African national art gallery. My good friend Zellie was lucky enough to have a chat with her. Here’s why Nicolé listened to her heart and how it changed lives:

Zellie: What inspired you to go on your first trip to Aberdeen and teach at the workshop in 2010?

Nicolé: DUT (Durban University of Technology) closed for four months in 2010 to do renovations, I decided to work during this time. Sharing my skills with fellow human beings has always been my main goal in life.

Zellie: How did you find out about the Emma Smith Award, what was the process involved in applying for it?

Nicolé: The Emma Smith Art Scholarship has been going on at DUT every year for many years.  It’s always been a dream to enter this competition, but you have to get chosen to represent your department.  The whole faculty of art and design enters this competition with only two students and sometimes one student from each department.  So, just to be a nominee and being able to participate is already a great achievement. 

I had to write a letter of intent (what would I do with the money if I win), artist statement, artist CV, artist biography, and I had to write about my work. When nominated, we had to set up an exhibition of our work and had an interview with about 12 judges. I never thought I could win against graphic design, fashion design and jewellery design etc. But what a surprise it was, Fine Arts, Nicolé Maurel won. This was an amazing achievement, wow. So proud of myself.

Zellie: Were you scared to apply for it and if so, how did you overcome your fear to take the first step towards this amazing outcome?

Nicolé: No, I’m not scared of anything. I believe in taking chances and always going for it. If I don’t succeed I try again or try something else. ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan. [A Boer makes a plan – an old Afrikaner saying when faced with adversity]

Zellie: Did you pre-plan taking your family with you when you entered the Award or was it something you discussed once you had won? How was it to have them there with you?

Nicolé: Yes, everything was planned and proposed.  It was an amazing experience and great honour to show my baby to the people of Aberdeen, my baby is my pride and joy. It was the first time they saw her. I wanted to take her with me, because I wouldn’t be able to survive a day without her. My husband supported me and helped taking care of baby while I was working and we all really enjoyed Aberdeen and Graaff Reinet.

Zellie: Have you learned anything about yourself that you didn’t know before you started this project?

Nicolé: I always knew it would be joyful to share my skills as an artist, but this project showed me the joy it brings to the people you share it with.

Zellie: Do you feel that collaboration of this kind with impoverished communities, where you transfer sustainable skills that can be transformed into work, is the way to beat poverty in the world?

Nicolé: Of course, yes, totally.

Zellie: How did the community in Aberdeen respond to your arrival and your coaching?

Nicolé: Aw, they were warm, open, friendly and so hungry to learn. What meant the most to me was that they truly appreciated and loved me as an individual. They listened and trusted what I taught them.

Zellie: If you could sum the Emma Smith Project up in one word, what would it be?

Nicolé: LOVE.

Zellie: Are you planning further work with the sculptors you taught in Aberdeen?

Nicolé: Yes, I would like for the project to continue. I’m planning to make it a lifelong project. I am organising a solo show for Charlene Matiwane at the DUT Art Gallery in January next year and then I would like to have another show for the workshop in Scotland, titled Aberdeen to Aberdeen in 2016. I would also like to teach people in Aberdeen how to work from their homes and how to fire ceramics from home. It will be so much cheaper this way and give more people the opportunity to learn. 

I’m hoping that Aberdeen can become a small artists town where all humans from all over the world can go visit and support this community. Where visitors can walk the streets and every little Mandela house in this town will be like the family’s own small personal gallery where they can exhibit their work to the world. And with time I will obviously come up with more and more ideas, because I never run out of new ideas.

Zellie: What would you say to someone who may feel too scared of taking those first steps in starting a sustainability project in their community?

Nicolé: Just do it. Follow your heart. You can never ever make a mistake by helping others. Plan it wisely. The only thing you will receive in return is love. There is always hope. 

So inner-music lovers, if you’ve ever felt like something is whispering for you to ‘start that painting’ or ‘travel a new path’, then in the words of a true inspirational: “Follow your heart.” You can enjoy more of Nicolé’s journey here, thanks to Tyler Dolan :

Nicolé Maurel

Wishing you a music-in-your-ear-ringing day!

Bhoomie All-Ears

PS. Read how Bhoomie All-Ears became Bhoomieland’s secret way-finder  here.

From Stranger to Friend to Family

Miss Tea-Time Bhoomie

Miss Tea-Time Bhoomie

Hello beautifully creative people!

I’m Miss Tea-Time, the Bhoomie that knows how much goodness can pour into our minds and bodies when we relax. That’s why I only live by one easygoing mantra: tea-time rhymes with me-time! Life on Earth can be pretty busy sometimes (I like to people watch from Bhoomieland as I sip my tea) and one thing I’ve sniffed out through my spout is that not many people take time out for themselves. So to counteract the bustle of busy lives I would like to introduce you to a mind-calming Japanese philosophy – Teaism.

Infuse your flaws

Teaism is a belief in simplicity and it celebrates all those beautiful things that can hide in the monotonous routines of daily life – like beautiful imperfections. The quiet time of the tea making ritual can sometimes lead our minds to focus on all the things that have gone wrong in the day, including the things that we could have done differently. But rather than pouring out negative energy on the things we see as flaws in our day or ourselves, what if we chose to infuse them with a bit of positive celebration. For example as you stir or sip your tea instead of thinking how rude someone was rather think… that person wasn’t really rude to me, they’re just having a bad day – here’s to having a better day from this point on! (And you can even lift your cup into the air as a bit of a triumph cheer.)

The three-cups approach

A village chief in Pakistan also has an inspirational mantra when it comes to tea:

“Here we drink three cups of tea…the first you are a stranger, the second you become a friend, and the third you join our family, and for our family we are prepared to do anything…” – Haji Ali, Korphe Village Chief, Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan

Seeing that people have probably had countless cups of tea with themselves, doesn’t that make them their own closest family? And if so, why do some people give so little time to relaxing their minds and bodies?

Adopting the three-cups approach means that you can take time out for yourself. Don’t spend all of it thinking about imperfections, but instead celebrate it as a small moment of freedom, away from every day life. Over at Bhoomieland, we are drinking our first cup of tea to you. Join in anytime.

Sending you teabags infused with love!

Miss Tea-Time xxx


The Wedding Collection from Judith Brown Jewellery


Judith Brown’s Wedding Collection

You have recently done a shoot for your bridal collection, what colours and styles will  you be featuring? 

The style of my bridal collections is elegant, pretty and delicate, and I use vintage mother of pearl buttons, antique lace and even lace I have made myself with the traditional technique of tatting in the designs. A subtle range of delicate shades from snow white, through to ivory and vanilla cream feature in the collections. Some designs are hand embroidered with tiny glass beads, embellished with lace like silver wire stitching and finished with freshwater pearl and glass bead drops. Pretty flowers feature in both the vintage and handmade lace designs.

Vintage is a major influence in your work, what else is inspiring you in 2014? 

I often take inspiration from antique dress and textiles, and am working on a collection of designs inspired by Tudor portraits following a research trip to London at the end of last year, so this collection will include semi precious gemstones such as garnets, amazonite,aventurine and pearls, I’m looking into using some some gold in these designs too. Looking further forward I have ideas for next years collections which will bring more colour into my work, so I have been collecting pictures to create a mood board for that, so far there are images of delicate plants and flowers such as spring blossom, delicate seed heads and embroidered fabrics and dresses which reflect the same ideas, colours like vintage peach, duck egg, warm cream, gold sea green and silvery white.

Have you any workshops lined up this year, and where will they be held and what is your theme? 

For the spring I have 3 workshops lined up

March 22nd 2014 ~ Wire Jewellery with haberdashery. Full day workshop at Hope and Elvis, The Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire.

March 23rd 2014~ Wire Jewellery with vintage lace. Full day workshop. The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire.

April 26th 2014 – Two half day workshops. One with Vintage haberdashery, one with Vintage Lace. Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop, the Lace Market, Nottingham

The workshops are all inspired by my collections and there’s a chance to experiment with my techniques and make at least one piece of jewellery.


Recently you have been exploring new techniques and processes…. please tell us about this? 

I have been learning the traditional lace making of tatting, so that I can make my own lace to transform into jewellery. This is a technique which involves creating series of knots to form stitches and these stitches then can be formed into rings, and then abstract or often floral motifs. Traditionally it’s used to make lace doilies or edgings for fabrics, but I am using it to create small motifs that I can use for jewellery and stitch into with my wire stitching technique. I’m also going on a natural dye workshop so that I can dye my own threads for this technique and hope to achieve subtle shades which are not commercially available.

Vintage Blanc and Noir  – are both stunning collections, do you find it difficult to create new styles of jewellery or does it come naturally to you? 

I am generally inspired by exploring a technique and how I can give new life to the unusual materials, vintage hooks and eyes, antique mother of pearl buttons, that I use in these collections. I particularly like making something so plain and functional like the hooks and eyes seem really elegant and feminine in my designs. I look to vintage and antique jewellery to get ideads for shapes and styles of the finished pieces. As long as I give myself the time to get inspired, collect ideas, then I just love making new things!


Holly Booth Photography @hollyphotobooth

Fig Tree Road @fizzybunting

Sian Revill @SianRev_MUA (make up and hair)

Heavenly Vintage Brides @heavenlybrides

Dunwood Hall @dunwoodhall (venue)

Metatronic Healing with Clare Glennon at Millers Yard in York

Clare Pic

Tell us about Metatronic Healing? 
Metatron is described as the angel of Divine Presence -­‐ peace that passes all understanding -­‐ and the Archangel who bridges Heaven and Earth. As a result of his work as a human, he ascended to sit at the ‘right hand of God’; thus he is the ‘older Spiritual brother who knows where we are and what we need. Metatron holds the blueprint for our spiritual journey, and reaches his hand across the veil to support us.
Metatronic Healing is the method that has evolved since Metatron first communicated with Pippa Merivale -­‐ the founder. Metatrons promise was that this method of healing would ‘remove the story from the body’s cellular memory’ and ‘activate the heart’ returning us to our original spiritual nature.
 Metatronic energies dissolve from your cellular memory the ‘story’ or stories,or the limiting beliefs that arise from fear, and it activates the intelligence of your heart centre, the most potent energy centre you possess, engaging that power station fully with the energies of love – the creative force of the Universe – to fuel and direct your life.”
Metatronic Heart Image
What do we learn in the foundation course? 
The process os one of being supported Metatron to go deeply within yourself. It is a direct experience of the Metatronic energies working uniquely for you in a very personal way. The key element is to receive the Attunements and Transmissions, given in silence. Some students prefer to lie down, in comfort for these, but sitting is fine too.  The first 7 of the Metatronic Transmissions, are delivered through the ‘power station’ which is your heart centre, it gently eases open doorways in your deeply buried cellular awareness which have been closed. Holding you gently, the Metatronic energies enable you to look – without denial, judgment or fear – at the parts of yourself that have concealed you from your-Self; the parts that have got in the way. They invite you to bring your shadow in from the cold and to love it – right into the wholeness of yourself. And then comes the gift, for a transmission stimulates the clearance of what holds you back but it also activates the divine qualities that are latent within youOnce something is recognised within you, it has the potential to be realised. On the third day we will do some practical work with the energies which you have received, learning more about their different qualities to get an understanding of how to apply them within your life. No previous healing experience is necessary. There is a organic pace to the course with time to integrate, share and ask questions. 
How can we apply Metatronic Healing in everyday life? 
The 7 individual Metatronic energies can be used to deepen healing for both yourself healing and others. The energies are now readily available within energy system to be accessed for support in all areas of your life, whether it is for personal healing and support, the release stress and tension, allowing clarity to come, feeling inspired, creativity or even to get out of your own way! 
What are the positive benefits of this healing? 
Our students and clients report that not only are their deepest life lessons so deeply revealed and healed, but that the transformation that follows in the wake of Metatronic energies is alchemical: it reaches deep into the cells and the benefits are abiding and permanent. 
Flower of Life
Will I be qualified to heal others after the the foundation or do I need to carry on with the training? 
Once you have received the transmissions you may use them to deepen the healing both for yourself and others. Should you wish to continue your exploration there are five other courses which make up the totality of Metatronic Healing. It is a two strand weave: personal healing and growing and for those that wish it, the Metatronic Healer Training. Whilst you may use the Metatronic energies for healing straight away, it is not until the third course that you may become a registered Metatronic Healer, should you wish to.
Is there any extra resource, reading material I can access before coming on the course
 “Harps of Gold” written by the Founder Pippa Merrivale is a really useful for some, but not essential to read beforehand.

 Workbooks are provided for the course, so that students can really immerse in the direct experience of the course which we fully  encourage.

F oo L
Where do I find your course information? 
 To find out much more information about Metatronic Healing visit:

Fresh air, big dogs, rain, moss, white horses, stories, and ancient Ents.

Firstly let me say Thank You to Kim Werner from The Red Corvid for the inspirational title, before I start my post on Yesterday’s first Away Day, here at Buttercup Home. Inspired! Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 18.28.51 For those of you who haven’t been here, let me introduce you to our space…..Buttercup Home is a place of creative comfort, productability, action and rest. It is the creative hub and resting place;  to be able to work out your creative business ideas without distraction, working with me (Fiona Pattison)  :  )  in association with Happy 4 pr. I work with a lot of creative businesses and Buttercup Home has been inspired by the beautiful people who I work with and for. This is my way to say Thank You to all of YOU for taking that leap of faith and reaching for your goals and often your biggest dreams. We are climbing on that powerful ladder of creativity together and it is a rewarding journey that needs to be noted, credited, valued, treasured and celebrated. And this is what we do here at Buttercup Home, we value our gifts in order to grow further. Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 20.08.10 Yesterday was a validation for me that creating the next step of my business with Buttercup Home was the perfect stepping stone in my business growth. Kim from The Red Corvid and Nicola Taylor from Nicola Taylor Photography arrived promptly at 11am, I made tea and we began our wonderful storytelling journey. Lunch was prepared and as we chatted further is was so nice to talk to like minded people about the world we live, how we think, what was inspiring us and how we all were looking forward to our walk in the woods….. it was a true adventure as the Title of this post reveals…..

Thank You Ladies…..Special Memories and lots of Inspiration, roll on the next one in March. : )

photo 1 If you would like to book in for a creative mentoring session for your business or you would like to join is our next workshop please contact

Thank You!

Fiona Pattison

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Lost and Found Workshop with Priscilla Jones

Workshop 1

Priscilla creates  sculptures that draw upon her life long love affair with here vast collections of odd an curious objects.  During this two day workshop, Priscilla Jones will share with you the creative techniques developed through her experimentation and process of making.  You will make your very own 3D sculpture inspired by whatever theme you wish… using wire, wax, and found ephemera. You will learn a range of processes including how to construct a wire structure that can be in 3D or 2D using light weight wire and then work into this by creating a surface to hand stitch and embellish with paper, buttons, beads and trimmings. Materials will be provided all you need bring is enthusiasm and some found objects or materials from your own collecting. This is a perfect opportunity to develop ideas you may have started in previous workshops with Priscilla or you may wish to come along and learn a range of new and exciting techniques!


Central Hebden Bridge

25th & 26th January 2014 10-4.00pm

£120 per person 

Including a lovely homemade lunch, tea and cakes!

For more information contact Priscilla

on 07816 886522 or email her at

Resting over Christmas and New Year

Hello Beautiful People,

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 19.25.48

I wanted to remind you and me to relax over the Christmas period, it is so easy to use the holiday period to catch up on the work load you have. But I say STEP AWAY, take a break, rest, reflect, breathe, go for long walks, see friends and family, catch up and DO NOTHING. Your mind needs a break as well as your body,  and this is the best time to reward and pamper yourself with lots of treats.


You are on your path, so keep calm, don’t panic, its Okay. I promise. See you all in the New Year and lets make it count.

Time to start winding down now…..

Thank You to the lovely Charlotte England who designed this beautiful Christmas card.

Best Wishes And Good Intentions for Everyone….

Fiona  : )