Metatronic Healing with Clare Glennon at Millers Yard in York

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Tell us about Metatronic Healing? 
Metatron is described as the angel of Divine Presence -­‐ peace that passes all understanding -­‐ and the Archangel who bridges Heaven and Earth. As a result of his work as a human, he ascended to sit at the ‘right hand of God’; thus he is the ‘older Spiritual brother who knows where we are and what we need. Metatron holds the blueprint for our spiritual journey, and reaches his hand across the veil to support us.
Metatronic Healing is the method that has evolved since Metatron first communicated with Pippa Merivale -­‐ the founder. Metatrons promise was that this method of healing would ‘remove the story from the body’s cellular memory’ and ‘activate the heart’ returning us to our original spiritual nature.
 Metatronic energies dissolve from your cellular memory the ‘story’ or stories,or the limiting beliefs that arise from fear, and it activates the intelligence of your heart centre, the most potent energy centre you possess, engaging that power station fully with the energies of love – the creative force of the Universe – to fuel and direct your life.”
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What do we learn in the foundation course? 
The process os one of being supported Metatron to go deeply within yourself. It is a direct experience of the Metatronic energies working uniquely for you in a very personal way. The key element is to receive the Attunements and Transmissions, given in silence. Some students prefer to lie down, in comfort for these, but sitting is fine too.  The first 7 of the Metatronic Transmissions, are delivered through the ‘power station’ which is your heart centre, it gently eases open doorways in your deeply buried cellular awareness which have been closed. Holding you gently, the Metatronic energies enable you to look – without denial, judgment or fear – at the parts of yourself that have concealed you from your-Self; the parts that have got in the way. They invite you to bring your shadow in from the cold and to love it – right into the wholeness of yourself. And then comes the gift, for a transmission stimulates the clearance of what holds you back but it also activates the divine qualities that are latent within youOnce something is recognised within you, it has the potential to be realised. On the third day we will do some practical work with the energies which you have received, learning more about their different qualities to get an understanding of how to apply them within your life. No previous healing experience is necessary. There is a organic pace to the course with time to integrate, share and ask questions. 
How can we apply Metatronic Healing in everyday life? 
The 7 individual Metatronic energies can be used to deepen healing for both yourself healing and others. The energies are now readily available within energy system to be accessed for support in all areas of your life, whether it is for personal healing and support, the release stress and tension, allowing clarity to come, feeling inspired, creativity or even to get out of your own way! 
What are the positive benefits of this healing? 
Our students and clients report that not only are their deepest life lessons so deeply revealed and healed, but that the transformation that follows in the wake of Metatronic energies is alchemical: it reaches deep into the cells and the benefits are abiding and permanent. 
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Will I be qualified to heal others after the the foundation or do I need to carry on with the training? 
Once you have received the transmissions you may use them to deepen the healing both for yourself and others. Should you wish to continue your exploration there are five other courses which make up the totality of Metatronic Healing. It is a two strand weave: personal healing and growing and for those that wish it, the Metatronic Healer Training. Whilst you may use the Metatronic energies for healing straight away, it is not until the third course that you may become a registered Metatronic Healer, should you wish to.
Is there any extra resource, reading material I can access before coming on the course
 “Harps of Gold” written by the Founder Pippa Merrivale is a really useful for some, but not essential to read beforehand.

 Workbooks are provided for the course, so that students can really immerse in the direct experience of the course which we fully  encourage.

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Where do I find your course information? 
 To find out much more information about Metatronic Healing visit:

Fresh air, big dogs, rain, moss, white horses, stories, and ancient Ents.

Firstly let me say Thank You to Kim Werner from The Red Corvid for the inspirational title, before I start my post on Yesterday’s first Away Day, here at Buttercup Home. Inspired! Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 18.28.51 For those of you who haven’t been here, let me introduce you to our space…..Buttercup Home is a place of creative comfort, productability, action and rest. It is the creative hub and resting place;  to be able to work out your creative business ideas without distraction, working with me (Fiona Pattison)  :  )  in association with Happy 4 pr. I work with a lot of creative businesses and Buttercup Home has been inspired by the beautiful people who I work with and for. This is my way to say Thank You to all of YOU for taking that leap of faith and reaching for your goals and often your biggest dreams. We are climbing on that powerful ladder of creativity together and it is a rewarding journey that needs to be noted, credited, valued, treasured and celebrated. And this is what we do here at Buttercup Home, we value our gifts in order to grow further. Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 20.08.10 Yesterday was a validation for me that creating the next step of my business with Buttercup Home was the perfect stepping stone in my business growth. Kim from The Red Corvid and Nicola Taylor from Nicola Taylor Photography arrived promptly at 11am, I made tea and we began our wonderful storytelling journey. Lunch was prepared and as we chatted further is was so nice to talk to like minded people about the world we live, how we think, what was inspiring us and how we all were looking forward to our walk in the woods….. it was a true adventure as the Title of this post reveals…..

Thank You Ladies…..Special Memories and lots of Inspiration, roll on the next one in March. : )

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