Master Class workshop with the legendary artist Priscilla Jones at Buttercup Home.

Master Class workshop with the legendary artist Priscilla Jones in the heart of Hebden Bridge at Buttercup home this January 31st and February 1st 2015
Sign up to a very exciting master class with Priscilla Jones  by emailing the weekend of January 31st and February 1st 2015 and become a master yourself.

Priscilla Jones - Paper, Wire and Stitch (Jan Feb 2015)

The Gratitude Equation

Ta 1

I’m so filled with gratitude that it constantly wants to pop out in the most inappropriate ways! Like trumpeting on my grati-toot when it’s really quiet or dancing around in a grateful spin, pulling as many non-dancing people with me as possible.

My Bhoomie motto has always been that if you’re grateful for the things you have then they will fill you up with more happiness than anything else ever can. You see it all started with the little word gratia which is a Latin term with one very big, grateful meaning. People started to recognise that they already had so many good things in their lives, so why chase after more? And so, gratitude was born…and out of the word came my grati-toot!

Because this trumpet came to be, my thank-yous have been able to grow their wings, helping them fly to anywhere and make everywhere happy. But to make these wings sturdy enough, I had to add some extra oomph to my grati-toot and so I programmed it with the following equation:


It’s official, since my moment of oomph, gratitude has become scientific! Bringing with it lots of studies of gratefulness. Such as Dr. Robert A. Emmons – University of California and Dr. Michael E. McCullough – University of Miami, who concluded that writing about the things you’re grateful for has a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. Not only does it make you feel so happy you could toot, but it also makes you feel like jumping – yes people, gratitude makes you want to exercise too!

So there you have it, saying a few extra thank-yous won’t just change you on the inside, it can have a great impact on your outside too. And if you don’t want to write your gratitude down, how about meditating on it or saying it aloud to yourself as you do little things around the house or whilst driving your car to work?

Whichever technique you prefer, if you start saying thank you more for the things that you have in your life, they’ll become much more valuable than the things you don’t. Give it a little go, after all, there isn’t anything for you to lose, just lots and lots of happiness to gain.

Sending you trumpets of thank-yous!

Ta xxx

UBUNTU – A Bond Of Sharing That Connects Everything

Samson Buttercup

Ever since I was a tiny cub, full of mischief and wonder, I used to hear my mother use the word “Ubuntu”. She explained it as a respect between all living things – a bond that we all shared and had to take care of.

Now that I’m a bit older and a little more well-read (thanks to Alpha-Betty!), I’ve seen the word described as “A bond of sharing that connects all humanity”. But what I’ve experienced in all non-human lands, is that Ubuntu isn’t just something that flows through humanity or bhoomanity, but something that also weaves through nature.

Just look at the bond between the river and the sea. They share a mutual respect where the one flows into the other, because their natural balance depends on each other. The river feeds into the sea and in turn the sea feeds the river with rain. This bond also flows through the land of animals, from Bonobos sharing their food with strangers, to heartfelt compassion in elephant herds.

For a little Ubuntu inspiration of your own, watch Boyd Varty’s share on TED about his African experiences with the word’s meaning, and think of tiny spaces in your day where you can show a bit of extra kindness.


Lots of Ubuntu love,

Samson xxx

Celebrate Your Inner Mother


Here in Bhoomieland we often refer to our ‘inner child’ as a special sapling to be cherished and nurtured. We’ve even shared advice on how to nudge him/her to come out and play – but what about our inner mothers? The mother who cares implicitly about us, but that we tend to overlook or may have completely forgotten about. And just because I’m a mother, doesn’t mean I don’t need one to keep me in check, specially when Thuli turns my day into a chaotic whirl of creative, sticky play-mess.

She’s the voice that calms us when we’re storming around all upset, the arms that pull us closer when we hide away in fear and the cheer that lifts our legs to the finish line. But I have to admit, I often overlook her too and thinking about it now I really could have used her hug in some sticky situations recently!

Harvest Her Qualities

So how can we utilise her from within? For a start, we can be conscious that she is there for us to lean on. No matter who you are, she is the warm voice within that can lift you out of anything. For example, do you give yourself a cheer to get a task done that feels so out of reach at first, or do you keep demotivating yourself until you just give up? A mother would scream your name loudly, her lungs filled with the belief that you can do anything, if you just keep going.

Your Inner Stepmother

Not everyone has a great relationship with his/her mother though. Just look at stepmothers in the classics, Cinderella and Snow White are only two examples and although this may be a clichéd portrayal, what do you do if your inner mother turns on you?

Inner turmoil can cause chaos in our lives. Instead of trusting our instincts, we end up doubting ourselves, but in those times of doubt it’s important to remember that we are balanced inside. That the stepmother is just trying to bring out the natural fear we may feel before a change – facing this fear may help us to better deal with the change. So instead of viewing her as purely wicked, try to see it as her nurturing our fears – so we have no choice but to push through them with courage.

And if you find that your courage takes a while to catch up with you, call on your inner mother to calm you. Remember her soothing words as you try to hide away from moving forward. If you need a regular reminder of the qualities that you can access through her, then come and have a snuggle with me and baby Thuli anytime.

What will your inner mother or inner stepmother do for you today?

Lots of love, Mum xxx

Weekend Workshops in May with Priscilla Jones

Textile workshops with the well known Priscilla Jones here in Hebden Bridge in May 24th and 25th / 31st and 1st of June. Lunch and refreshments provided along with lots of laughter and making. Book your Place on 07816 886522 or email Priscilla Jones at We sill have a few places left!!! Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 00.34.43 Lost and Found Weekend Workshops Priscilla creates sculptures that draw upon her life long love affair with here vast collections of odd an curious objects. During this two day workshop, Priscilla Jones will share with you the creative techniques developed through her experimentation and process of making. You will make your very own 3D sculpture inspired by whatever theme you wish… using wire, wax, and found ephemera. You will learn a range of processes including how to construct a wire structure that can be in 3D or 2D using light weight wire and then work into this by creating a surface to hand stitch and embellish with paper, buttons, beads and trimmings. Materials will be provided all you need bring is enthusiasm and some found objects or materials from your own collecting. This is a perfect opportunity to develop ideas you may have started in previous workshops with Priscilla or you may wish to come along and learn a range of new and exciting techniques! Venue: Central Hebden Bridge 24th & 25th May 10-4pm 31st May & 1st June 2014 10-4.00pm £120 per person Including a lovely homemade lunch, tea and cakes! For more information contact Priscilla on 07816 886522 or email her at

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, fresh air and creative chats.

Our second Away Day was at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park  and it didn’t disappoint. Meeting up with the Kim from The Red Corvid and Nicola Taylor from Nicola Taylor Photography has been one of the highlights of March, and that is nice. As work and family life take over, it is wonderful to have some space for yourself. We took in some art, went for a long walk experiencing the many interactive sculptures, and throughly enjoyed the day. At Lunch we managed to put our world to rights and I was given some wonderful advice too. Happy Days!  :  )

photo 1 photo 2

photo 4 photo 5

photo 1

An interview with Helaina Sharpley, talking about her love of the Edwardian era and tea.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 09.21.36

Helaina Sharpley is a lady of great knowledge, wisdom and talent. I first met Helaina at BCTF on her first show there back in 2007. My first impressions of her was WOW! on her amazing unique talent, but also her drive and determination. For a young lady she swooped up the awards on her first show and they have been on the increase ever since. I am a big fan of her vision and her work. Take a look into Helaina Sharpley’s world of wire…..

What is your background, how did you begin?

I started my business in 2006, after graduating from Hereford College of Art and Design with a BS (hon.) in Design Crafts.

What era would you like to be born in? 

I’d like to have been born in the late Victorian era, so I could have fully enjoyed the Edwardian era… and I’d have to have been middle or upper class, otherwise living conditions were rather grim.


Why does this inspire you? 

These times had great elegance.  Things were created with fine detail and precision – you only have to look at the architecture to see this…seaside piers, railway stations, lampposts… ornate decoration was added to everything!  I also love the idea of formalities and etiquette in society, where ladies took afternoon tea , with prearranged conversation topics and linen to match the season.  In my imagination, it was a wonderful gentle time….I know it wasn’t all sweetness really though!

Describe your process and inspirations around your work?

I collect a lot of ‘inspiration’ (more commonly known as hoarding….)  I have lots of books, old postcards and ephemera, tea cups, tea pots, cutlery, tea trays, cake stands… And I like these things to surround me, so I can see them everyday.  I draw my designs using sepia ink and a mapping nib.  These drawings become the templates for the wire work, and all the wire is shaped and twisted using my hands, pliers and wire cutters.


What events and shows are coming up for you? 

I recently sent work to the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, for the second year running I’ll be showing with Byard Art, Cambridge.  I’m also nervously excited to have been accepted to take part in The Other Art Fair

What are your top tips for relaxing outside of work? 

Drinking tea and eating cake….

Helaina 25 06 13-18-1s

You have just finished your first art film, are you going to do more of this…? 

Oh I don’t know about that!  Let’s see how this one goes down first! 😉  I think there is great scope to tell more of this story and hopefully my work will show me the way…

You have been working hard behind the scenes on your website, when is the launch date? 

Soon!  Hopefully April time.

What is your favourite quote? 

Let them eat cake.

If you could dress as an Edwardian lady everyday and drink tea, would you?

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard…. If I still had to go to the studio – no (I try to walk to work, and I’m quite a speed walker – I think the long skirt would get in the way!  Also, I think the corset would soon become wearing!)  However, if I could be a lady of leisure, then YES!