Celebrate Your Inner Mother


Here in Bhoomieland we often refer to our ‘inner child’ as a special sapling to be cherished and nurtured. We’ve even shared advice on how to nudge him/her to come out and play – but what about our inner mothers? The mother who cares implicitly about us, but that we tend to overlook or may have completely forgotten about. And just because I’m a mother, doesn’t mean I don’t need one to keep me in check, specially when Thuli turns my day into a chaotic whirl of creative, sticky play-mess.

She’s the voice that calms us when we’re storming around all upset, the arms that pull us closer when we hide away in fear and the cheer that lifts our legs to the finish line. But I have to admit, I often overlook her too and thinking about it now I really could have used her hug in some sticky situations recently!

Harvest Her Qualities

So how can we utilise her from within? For a start, we can be conscious that she is there for us to lean on. No matter who you are, she is the warm voice within that can lift you out of anything. For example, do you give yourself a cheer to get a task done that feels so out of reach at first, or do you keep demotivating yourself until you just give up? A mother would scream your name loudly, her lungs filled with the belief that you can do anything, if you just keep going.

Your Inner Stepmother

Not everyone has a great relationship with his/her mother though. Just look at stepmothers in the classics, Cinderella and Snow White are only two examples and although this may be a clichéd portrayal, what do you do if your inner mother turns on you?

Inner turmoil can cause chaos in our lives. Instead of trusting our instincts, we end up doubting ourselves, but in those times of doubt it’s important to remember that we are balanced inside. That the stepmother is just trying to bring out the natural fear we may feel before a change – facing this fear may help us to better deal with the change. So instead of viewing her as purely wicked, try to see it as her nurturing our fears – so we have no choice but to push through them with courage.

And if you find that your courage takes a while to catch up with you, call on your inner mother to calm you. Remember her soothing words as you try to hide away from moving forward. If you need a regular reminder of the qualities that you can access through her, then come and have a snuggle with me and baby Thuli anytime.

What will your inner mother or inner stepmother do for you today?

Lots of love, Mum xxx

Grab Your Imagination Goggles To Reframe Your View

New-View Bhoomie by Liesel Beukes © 2014


Have you ever found yourself in a moment of self-doubt? A point on your life ladder where you’re not sure of your own abilities, whether you made the right choice to climb that extra step, or whether you even belong on it at all?

I know I sure did! It was the day I had to goggle-up and do my first solo flight over Cloud 9, but in between the doubt I shifted my goggles a little and something iris boggling happened. The angle I was looking through, my view of the things around me (and my place within it), suddenly changed. Next thing I knew, I was presented the Distinguished Flying Leaf award! I’d done it!

Shift Your Goggles

Now, I know it’s hard to move your goggles about when flying and diving at full speed, but there is a way to change the way you look at things without losing too much altitude – it’s called ‘Reframing’.

Reframing is a tool (kind off just like your flight air drill) that can help to change the way we react to some things or in certain situations, especially the ones that bring up negative emotions. It’s an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique that helps us step back from the situation and flip it to something positive, because we’re suddenly able to see it from a different viewpoint.

For example, if you feel that something is a problem, then try to see it as an opportunity for you to learn something instead. There is a reframe lens for almost every situation – you can read more about it here.

Like I always say:

“Sometimes you have to change the scenery inside of your mind and look at things from another perspective to make the puzzle pieces fit”

So, if you feel like your puzzle pieces are hiding under the sofa, causing endless problems with furniture shuffling – then grab your imagination goggles. How about we view it as an opportunity to build a den instead?

See you on Cloud 9 fellow gogglers!

Bhoomie New-View

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Fresh air, big dogs, rain, moss, white horses, stories, and ancient Ents.

Firstly let me say Thank You to Kim Werner from The Red Corvid for the inspirational title, before I start my post on Yesterday’s first Away Day, here at Buttercup Home. Inspired! Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 18.28.51 For those of you who haven’t been here, let me introduce you to our space…..Buttercup Home is a place of creative comfort, productability, action and rest. It is the creative hub and resting place;  to be able to work out your creative business ideas without distraction, working with me (Fiona Pattison)  :  )  in association with Happy 4 pr. I work with a lot of creative businesses and Buttercup Home has been inspired by the beautiful people who I work with and for. This is my way to say Thank You to all of YOU for taking that leap of faith and reaching for your goals and often your biggest dreams. We are climbing on that powerful ladder of creativity together and it is a rewarding journey that needs to be noted, credited, valued, treasured and celebrated. And this is what we do here at Buttercup Home, we value our gifts in order to grow further. Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 20.08.10 Yesterday was a validation for me that creating the next step of my business with Buttercup Home was the perfect stepping stone in my business growth. Kim from The Red Corvid and Nicola Taylor from Nicola Taylor Photography arrived promptly at 11am, I made tea and we began our wonderful storytelling journey. Lunch was prepared and as we chatted further is was so nice to talk to like minded people about the world we live, how we think, what was inspiring us and how we all were looking forward to our walk in the woods….. it was a true adventure as the Title of this post reveals…..

Thank You Ladies…..Special Memories and lots of Inspiration, roll on the next one in March. : )

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Thank You!

Fiona Pattison

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