Grab Your Imagination Goggles To Reframe Your View

New-View Bhoomie by Liesel Beukes © 2014


Have you ever found yourself in a moment of self-doubt? A point on your life ladder where you’re not sure of your own abilities, whether you made the right choice to climb that extra step, or whether you even belong on it at all?

I know I sure did! It was the day I had to goggle-up and do my first solo flight over Cloud 9, but in between the doubt I shifted my goggles a little and something iris boggling happened. The angle I was looking through, my view of the things around me (and my place within it), suddenly changed. Next thing I knew, I was presented the Distinguished Flying Leaf award! I’d done it!

Shift Your Goggles

Now, I know it’s hard to move your goggles about when flying and diving at full speed, but there is a way to change the way you look at things without losing too much altitude – it’s called ‘Reframing’.

Reframing is a tool (kind off just like your flight air drill) that can help to change the way we react to some things or in certain situations, especially the ones that bring up negative emotions. It’s an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique that helps us step back from the situation and flip it to something positive, because we’re suddenly able to see it from a different viewpoint.

For example, if you feel that something is a problem, then try to see it as an opportunity for you to learn something instead. There is a reframe lens for almost every situation – you can read more about it here.

Like I always say:

“Sometimes you have to change the scenery inside of your mind and look at things from another perspective to make the puzzle pieces fit”

So, if you feel like your puzzle pieces are hiding under the sofa, causing endless problems with furniture shuffling – then grab your imagination goggles. How about we view it as an opportunity to build a den instead?

See you on Cloud 9 fellow gogglers!

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